Knowledge about SEO Terms.

The 2 main terms about SEO is where it is being created and where it is attracting traffic from. 

  • ON Page Optimization

    • Files such as Robot.txt

    • Knowledge of how your search works within your site

    • Organic content

    • Knowledge of Redirects

    • Tags

      • Title

      • Meta

      • Meta Robot

      • Keyworrd Analysis

  • OFF Page Optimization

    • Social Media

      • Facebook

      • LinkedIn

      • Twitter

    • Press Releases

    • SEO Forum Submission

    • PPC (Pay Per Click)

There are requirements of amount of keywords in almost every one of the items above so it takes some expertise to put all the needed keywords in the specified area have it make sense so the search engines notice it and does not think you are trying to trick them.

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